Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Up and Coming Website

Hi fans and friends,

In a few weeks or so, I will have a website up and running exclusively devoted to American Bandstand's Philadelphia years and my book, The Princes and Princesses of Dance  www.theprincesandprincessesofdance.com. There will be lots of information, many photos and excerpts from my book. At that time, this blog will be incorporated into my website. The url will be theprincesandprincessesofdance.com and the the specific email will be charles@theprincesandprincessesofdance.com

Soooooooooo I hope you will all join me and my friends -- fans and Regulars from the show alike -- to celebrate this incredible program and rejoice in the lore, be surprised by what you may know and not know, and share with us your personal stories and scoops.

I would love to get your ideas of what you would like to see on my site and your sharing and contribution. Go for it!

I am psyched. I hope you will be too.


Charles W Amann III said...

Under Record Review vs. Rate-A-Record. Janice posted.

American Bandstand was a great asset to the making of the music, of our generation...Rock and Roll... The rest is history, but will remain in the best of memories, of the 50's and 60's. Times were simpler,and American Bandstand brought together teens of all cultures. Parents knew where their children were, knowing they were making that mad dash home from school, not to miss American Bandstand...No computers, cell phones, and video games. Just great music!!! Little did we know then, history was in the making and will continue to live on...And YES... Bless Dick Clark, America's youngest teenager....Janice

Charles W Amann III said...


We are coming into the home stretch with regard to the website. Sorry this is taking so long, guys; it's just that my webmaster is a real perfectionist. We're working overtime here, so this is soon good to go. Please stay tuned, haven't forgotten you!

del37 said...

I am a dj with "Kool Kat Oldies" for the past nine years and would love to see this. Please keep me imformed!!!!!