Thursday, November 11, 2010


I think a good way to get started here is to get your opinion and ideas -- from Regulars as well as watchers. So....let's hear it guys and girls:

My recollection and research shows that it was Record Review (where the kids on the show rated a record) not Rate-A-Record in the Philadelphia years. I believe it turned Rate-A-Record when it moved to California. What's your "Spin."


Joyce Shafer said...

Yes Charles, you are correct about 'Record Review'. In the Philadelphia era on American Bandstand the kids did rate a record but it was called, 'Record Review'. When I left AB in Aug. 1961, I visited quite frequently and sat in the back of the studio until mid spring of 1963 and they were still calling it, 'Record Review'. I honestly believe the name changed to, 'Rate-A-Record' after moving to California in early 1964.

eddie kelly said...

Hi Charles,
Great great blog! Looking forward to reading everyone's comments about American Bandstand.

Charles W Amann III said...

Thanks Ed..but fill us in! What is your "Spin" on Record Review vs Rate-A-Record???

eddie kelly said...

I am so ashmamed to tell you that I always referered to "Record Review" as "Rate-A-Record."
From a "Philly-Regular" such as myself - this is not good. Thank you Joyce and Charles for setting the record straight.

Anonymous said...

American Bandstand was a great asset to the making of the music, of our generation...Rock and Roll... The rest is history, but will remain in the best of memories, of the 50's and 60's. Times were simpler,and American Bandstand brought together teens of all cultures. Parents knew where their children were, knowing they were making that mad dash home from school, not to miss American Bandstand...No computers, cell phones, and video games. Just great music!!! Little did we know then, history was in the making and will continue to live on...And YES... Bless Dick Clark, America's youngest teenager....Janice